In the program, the employees’ social security benefits are claimed, the certificates and antecedent data are recorded, the eligibility is established and accounted, and the records are kept.

In the program, the employees’ social security benefits are claimed, the certificates and antecedent data are recorded, the eligibility is established and accounted, and the records are kept.


Our social security accounting software accounts and manages the health insurance benefits of the employees completely pursuant to Act LXXXIII of 1997 and with the data service provided by the OEP (National Health Insurance Fund).

In this PIRAMIS ™ module, the registration of the certificates and historical data necessary for the claims for the employees’ social security benefits, the determination of the entitlement to benefits, their accounting and the keeping of the required records are performed.

The duration and extent of the benefits are determined based on the recorded certificates by the social security accounting software automatically, which the user with appropriate authority can override, if necessary.

When recording sick pay and accident sick leave, which includes the 240th day of the disbursement, the software automatically offers the printing of the physician’s notice about the expiration of the sickness benefit entitlement.

Creating data sheets in the PIRAMIS™ social security accounting

  • Sick leave slip
  • Data-determining sheet
  • Individual aid card
  • Additional childcare recording sheet
  • Sick leave payment sheet
  • Aid payment log  

The records and electronic data services accepted

We do our best that the data provided to the employer from the data generated by the program are created in a form which the data collector accepts.

The data services that can be extracted from the PIRAMIS™ program have been approved by the OEP (National Health Insurance Fund), therefore the OEP and the County Administrative Offices accept the records of our clients and their electronic data services.


You can see the social security absence management screen, from which you can access all the maintenance options which can be used to record, account and manage your employee’s social security absence. It is possible to print decisions and information about the data which has been used to calculate the amount of the cash benefit determined.

These buttons are placed at the top of the screen: e.g. Sick leave (BSZ), GYÁP (childcare sickness benefit), ÜB (industrial accident), CSED (infant care fee), GYED (child care fee), Payroll accounting, Being single, Child’s data, Printing decisions, Wage folder, etc.

In the table, in the lower part of the screen, the accounted or just prepared absences of the insured person are displayed in an annual breakdown. In addition to the accounted items, the accounted amount is indicated and the date when it has been accounted (year, month).

The prepared, but not accounted absences appear in the first line of the table in bold letters so that the user can see immediately which items have not been accounted yet.

The sick pay slips

Click on the Sick leave button (BSZ) from the maintenance interface of social security absences (see figure 1) to access the processing of Sick leave slips.

When recording the incapacity for work, the system will automatically assess eligibility for benefits and its rate. Based on the employee’s contract, the code indicating the incapacity for work and the history, the software determines whether the employee is entitled to sick leave and, if so, to what an amount.

analysis of the period

In the analysis of the period, the breakdown of the fixed benefit and, in case of sick pay, its rate, i.e. what percentage is paid, can be seen.

In the case of various sickness benefits, and taking the history into account, it is determined for how many days and how long the employee is eligible for the care. This will be displayed on the preparation screen.

social security benefits

The determination of the basis of the health insurance benefits will be collected on the basis of the 08 Return. The system collects the declared financial health insurance funds from the declaration into a separate function, where the user can view them, or may be able to modify them with a separate authorization.

The sick pay slips received from the employees can be recorded at any time, but they do not need to be accounted per employee. The accounting can also happen with the Automatic social security accounting.

The Automatic social security accounting

The Automatic social security accounting offers the users a wide range of choices for accounting.

The user can choose different types of social security benefits and account them separately. You can select and filter the number of employees to be accounted per different organizational unit, per type of contract, or you can start it separately for intellectual and/ or physical workers. At the same time, you can choose an employee to be accounted, but you can also account all the social security benefits for the full corporate stock at the same time.

The control is supported by several features. Among other things, it is possible to inquire who are the employees that have accounting in the social security module, but have not been transferred to payroll accounting yet, and the employees with expiring CSED (infant care fee) or GYED (childcare fee) can also be listed.

The records accepted by the OEP (currently NEAK) can be produced from the social security accounting program, such as:
  • Sick leave (CSED) payment sheet, and
  • Aid payment log
Statistics, data services
  • Monthly health insurance Statistical report
  • health insurance summary report 2nd sheet
  • CSED (infant care fee) quarterly report
  • GYED (childcare fee) quarterly report
  • Accounting the benefits paid by social security payment offices
  • Father’s day quarterly summary
  • Report of passive benefits

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