PIRAMIS hosting (SaaS) system

PIRAMIS hosting (SaaS) system


A Our SaaS services designed to operate the PIRAMIS™ system.

Operating conditions for the PIRAMIS™

In summary, the determining criteria are grouped into the following two main categories:

  1. The hardware and software tools needed to operate the PIRAMIS™.
  2. The availability of the professionals required for the operation.


Providing the operational-technical conditions for the PIRAMIS™ solutions can be achieved at a number of levels, and, based on the specific needs of our customers, we have developed different solutions.

During the preparatory work prior to the procurement of the PIRAMIS™, we determine the minimum required hardware and software environment for the operation of the system


Our customers create the environment for the operation of the PIRAMIS™ system: they acquire the appropriate hardware and software tools and a service technician is available to them.

For the operation of the system, we provide administrator training, on demand, in which we transfer the professional knowledge necessary for the operation. In addition, we provide support for the installation of the database manager and the PIRAMIS™ system, and we provide assistance, if needed, or obtain Oracle database management licenses for our customers.


In this case, our customers create the environment needed to operate the PIRAMIS™, acquire the appropriate hardware and software tools, and for a temporary or longer period of time, L-SOFT provides them with PIRAMIS™ and/or Oracle database management services.

With this service, we offer a solution to our customers when their service technician with the appropriate level of expertise is not available temporarily or for a longer time to operate the database management and/or PIRAMIS™ system.

On request, we assume the system operational tasks that we carry out through remote access via the Internet.

We have the advantage of providing you with services for an agreed monthly fee so our customers can enjoy highest level of expertise at affordable prices. Additionally, the costs of operating the system can be accurately planned and checked.


We provide hosting service: that is, L-SOFT provides the hardware and software required for the operation of the PIRAMIS™, and L-SOFT operates the system.

Companies that prefer cost-oriented expenditures, but do not want to invest in creating a proper operating environment will benefit from a solution without high initial costs which provides modern hardware needed to operate the PIRAMIS™ system and some software, as well as the database manager system and the operation of the PIRAMIS™ is provided as a service for a monthly fee at their premises.

In this case, our customers have an access to the purchased or leased PIRAMIS™ system through remote access via the Internet.


Cost-effective solution for businesses who:

  • do not have the necessary infrastructure and,
  • due to their size, it is not economical to purchase devices,
  • and do not have an operating technician.

We provide it as a service and, for an agreed monthly fee, our customers can use up-to-date IT tools and get the highest level of expertise at a reasonable price. Thus, the maintenance and operating costs become well-planned and controllable.

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We prepare our quotation based on your individual needs.After that, we recommend product presentation when we present the operation of our PIRAMIS™ software system to you (using presentation database containing uploaded test data).
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