The PIRAMIS Contractor accounts are used by our clients for the
complete administration of their wide-ranging accounting tasks.

The PIRAMIS Contractor accounts are used by our clients for the
complete administration of their wide-ranging accounting tasks.

Contractor accounts in the PIRAMIS™ software

We offer a comprehensive solution for the companies that are contracted with contractors, self-employed agents and brokers.

The PIRAMIS Contractor accounts are also used by our clients dealing with insurances to fully administer their wide-ranging accounting tasks.

Using this system, all the related processes can be solved from the verification of the performance of the contractors to the management of the receivables. 


It provides the administrative and contract information of the self-employed agents and brokers, as well as the financial management and registration of the performance accounts.

  • As an administrative system, it registers the contractors’ contracts and their changes, as well as the performances of the contractors.
  • As a financial system, it provides the accounting and verification of the performances, the production of the supplier and customers’ invoices, current account management, remittance and transfer, and forwarding to the general ledger.


The contractors’ performances can be produced by electronic loading, by algorithmic production and by manual entering.

Producing a performance accounting sheet from the performances accepted by the Principal for the contractors. Contractors’ statements can be recorded about the performances shown on the performance accounting sheets.

The recording of the remittances by the Principal and the bans on remittances, as well as the remittance of the subsequently accepted performances is provided. Based on the remittances, the supplier and customer’s invoices can be automatically generated.

On the basis of the receivables, payment orders and default interest invoices can be generated automatically.



The invoices can be settled as follows:

  • by means of the automatic payment of the aggregated supplier – customer invoices;
  • manually;
  • and automatically, using the electronically returned bank debit notification.

The module provides current account management and transfer electronically. The transfers that cannot be made by the bank can be transferred again. The system generates the VAT statement.

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