Because as a software developer in the field of corporate HR and as a payroll service provider, we are a prominent and unavoidable player in the domestic market!

A team of ~100 people

For our team of nearly 100 people, whose members do inspiring and creative work. For the incredible breadth of our practical knowledge base, much of which we have accumulated over 30 years of working with well-known and respected clients. As both a software developer and a payroll service provider in the corporate HR field, L-SOFT is an outstanding and unrivalled player in the domestic market.

Transparency, traceability without hidden costs

From the preparation of the quotation to the development and service tasks to the handover, we carry out our work without hidden costs for our customers, transparently and traceably, because we would expect the same from the other side!

Only successful implementation projects for over 30 years

Thanks to the work of our staff, we have successfully completed all our software and service implementation projects in 30 years in agreement with our customers.

Payroll services with both PIRAMIS and SAP software

In addition to our PIRAMIS payroll software, our payroll services division can also serve the client’s payroll needs with its own customised SAP software.

Individual workflows

We have developed and operate specific workflows that guarantee the traceability and continuity of our projects.

Where are we and where are we going?

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