Generation of transfer files following
the PIRAMIS™ payroll calculation

Following the PIRAMIS™ payroll calculation, the transfer files can be easily generated from the Transfer program.

From the PIRAMIS™ Payroll Program, individual and group transfers can be generated in electronic format to different banks. The PIRAMIS™ software does not only provide the generation of electronic bank transfer files of wages and wage garnishments from the wage accounting. The following options are also available:

  • transfers to private pension and voluntary pension funds
  • transfers of trade union membership fees
  • furthermore, transfers of monthly taxes and contributions on the basis of the tax category summary of the 08 tax return


For the above mentioned types of transfers, various checklists support the users’ work, which help find the possible administrative errors quickly and effectively, and, with their help, faulty and defective transfers can be prevented.

  • the previously completed bank transfers can be viewed
  • the queried data can be corrected in possession of a unique permission

Following the PIRAMIS™ payroll accounting, transfer files are available to our clients towards the following banks and financial institutions, and their range can be extended upon request.

The range of bank transfer files queriable from the PIRAMIS™

  • ABN-AMRO bank
  • Bank Austria Creditanstalt
  • BNP-Dresdner Bank – UGIRO
  • CIB Bank – UGIRO
  • Citibank
  • Inter-Európa Bank – UGIRO
  • KHB Bank Elektra utalás
  • Kereskedelmi Bank PABA
  • Kereskedelmi Bank BD
  • Külker Bank HOBO rendszer BT utalás
  • Magyar Államkincstár
  • OTP Electra – OTP 178
  • Postabank – UGIRO
  • UGIRO 3.0
  • OTP Electra – UGIRO
  • BNP Paribas Connexis rendzer
  • MKB Bank utalás
  • BNP Paribas Electronic Banking
  • Raiffeisen Express (REX)
  • UniCredit Bank GIRO (UNG)
  • Citibank csoportos utalás
  • Budapest Bank GIRO utalás
  • UniCredit Spectra utalás
  • ELECTRA Flat formátumú utalás
  • Commerzbank Elektra utalás
  • OTP cafeteria kártya
  • UniCredit Tiriac MultiCash ROA
  • UniCredit CAT, CSA (121), PAY
  • UniCredit ISO 20022 XML CGI pain.001.001.03
  • Citibank postal transfer
  • K&H Bank postal transfer

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