Performance wage accounting,

payroll accounting in the PIRAMIS software

Performance wage accounting,

payroll accounting in the PIRAMIS software

Performance wage accounting, payroll accounting in the PIRAMIS™ software

The program provides an effective solution to companies using the performance wage form.

The daily work performance data of the employees with performance wages are entered and recorded in the PIRAMIS™ Performance Payroll Program, where the connected performance wage elements are accounted.

The performance wage records can be extended by the company to the rented temporary workers, in addition to the company’s own employees.

Based on the recorded and calculated data, the working time and payroll data can be sent to the PIRAMIS™ payroll program

Planning, scheduling

The activities and performance of the organizational units and groups in the company’s performance accounting system can be planned and scheduled. The software supports the use of group, individual and time-based accounting norms or activity types.

The job is planned and the performance data are recorded based on shift schedules and shift sheets.

On the shift schedules, the activities of the employees and employee groups can be maintained with workflow scheduling, while the actual performance data are recorded and displayed on the shift sheets.

The recording of the group performance data simplifies the showing and accounting of the individual performances of line-based workflows.

The performance data are recorded by activity, by recording the time (beginning and end of the activity) and the performance of the activity.

The calculation of the wage for the activities is based on the normative data connected to the activities.

The recording of the duration of the activity is controlled on the basis of the permanent absences, and the social security absences recorded in the PIRAMIS™ payroll software and in the social security module.

The shift sheets can be generated based on the shift schedules.

Worktime and payroll data

The absences recorded in the PIRAMIS™ social security accounting and labour programs are taken over. The absences indicated by the employee can be recorded in advance. By checking the shift sheets, the defectively recorded items can be filtered – e.g. when a worker is indicated on several worksheets and there is working time overlap.

There is a possibility to send the incentive wages connected to the performance wage based on the legal titles set in the PIRAMIS™ Payroll Program, which can be given to employees under certain conditions.

The calculation and sending of the working time and wage data to the PIRAMIS™ payroll program is based on the performance data shown on the shift sheets.

The performance accounting sheet can be listed, which can be attached to the employee’s wage slip. 

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