Request leave, home office and absence from one interface

The pandemic period changed the conventions of work for good. The home office, remote working, has become so accepted that in some companies entire departments and departments are now carrying out their daily tasks from home. In the field of human computing, it was therefore necessary to develop and extend solutions that are in line with the new situation and meet user expectations.

Advantages of using the software

  • Eliminate paper-based or Excel-based record keeping
  • A set of rules can be developed for home office work:
    e.g. how many days can be spent in a home office.
  • The software checks the rules
  • Efficient processes – requests, approvals
  • Employer branding and wellbeing is enhanced by an efficient, well-functioning
    web-based self-service software
  • Efficient notification system

Simple user interface

Efficient re-planning option

Managers can see their staff’s absences in one place

Quick deployment option

Request leave, home office and absence from one interface

What is the difference between holidays, home office and other absences?


The granting of leave is an employer’s obligation. The amount of leave and the rules for granting it are precisely defined in the Labour Code.


Not an obligation, just an opportunity. Employers’ expectations may regulate its use (weekly, monthly, yearly maximum).


There is no restriction on what can be claimed. It is up to the employer to decide what kind of leave of absence to make available to employees. E.g. secondment, paid school absence, unpaid absence, study leave, sick leave, absence without medical certificate, etc.

Helping the employee or manager
graphic signs, explanations of symbols

  • Guidance to help you plan, apply, review
  • One interface to get information on planned absences
  • View absence data for employees in the same group as the employee
  • Conflicts are also displayed in the software – for employees in the same group, an alert is displayed if absence cannot be planned for the same period according to the company rules
  • Planning is facilitated: all absences are reported/approved at the same time

Home office registering process

Select a time period

Select the type of leave

Finalising the fixation

The system automatically sends an e-mail notification to the manager

Replanning if necessary

Following management approval, a withdrawal request may be launched

Notification system

Notification of manager and deputy manager

On the finalisation

Deletion of finalisation

Approval of request for withdrawal


Employee notification

About approval – Approval


Approval of acceptance of the request for withdrawal


In the calendar, the requested days are shown in a differentiated (yellow) colour.

The status of the requested absences, similar to the status of leave, can be pending, approved, rejected or pending approval, as these requests also undergo a management approval.

The supervisor will receive email notification of absence requests and the employee will also receive notification to their email address following management approval. The manager can approve or reject the absence request.