Dispatch orders, trip reports quickly,
easily with the PIRAMIS™ MyROAD RECORDS module

Recording a dispatch order with my PIRAMIS MyROAD RECORDS?


The PIRAMIS MyROAD RECORDS allows employees to enter a dispatch order request on their own web interface.

The interface adapts to the screens of smart devices, removing the time and space barrier to employees being able to record a posting order request anywhere, anytime. All this without having to visit the administrator handling the data, freeing up the HR organisation!

Managers can also view and approve their subordinate staff’s dispatch order requests in the web-based self-service HR interface. The web interface is integrated with the client’s existing PIRAMIS Vehicle Trip Log module. This means that approved posting orders are already recorded in the posting order function of the PIRAMIS system.

What does my PIRAMIS™ MyROAD RECORDS can do?


Dispatch order
recording request


Recording partners, routes


Cost accounting details


Document attachment option


Requests for a dispatch order
management assessment


Notification system

Recording a dispatch order request

Employees can easily record their travel orders in their own vehicle and keep detailed records of their journeys. In the interface, they can enter the departure and arrival times of the posting, the vehicle details and the partner to which they have made the posting, together with the route to the partner. It is also possible to record other costs, such as per diem or travel expenses. The employee can finalise the request for a posting order by completing the report.

Recording partners and routes

In the PIRAMIS™ MyROAD RECORDS module, it is possible to select partners and routes centrally in the system, and employees can also record their own partners and routes.


Detailed cost accounting in the road register

On the basis of the recorded data, the system calculates the costs that can be accounted for in the road registry, which are also accounted for in the employee’s invoice by submitting the dispatch request to the invoice.

Document attachment option

With PIRAMIS™ MyROAD RECORDS software, the employee can attach other documents related to the request for a travel order, such as a driving licence, a registration certificate, a route plan, etc.

Requests for a dispatch order
management assessment

The manager can view the requests for dispatches and the travel records of the employees assigned to him/her, according to the hierarchy of staff. The manager can also check the details of the dispatch order and the documents attached by the employee. On this basis, he can approve or reject the request.

Once approved, the posting order is entered in the appropriate function of the PIRAMIS™ system’s Vehicle Logbook module. The administrator then only has to transfer the data to the accounting department.


Notification system

Thanks to the notification system, the manager can receive a notification to his/her email address when an employee has a dispatch order request entered in the Self Service HR system. The employee can also receive a notification to his/her email address when his/her manager accepts or rejects a dispatch order request.