Registration of (classic) employee benefits
in the PIRAMIS software

Registration of (classic) employee benefits in the PIRAMIS software 

Using the software which manages the benefits, the benefits that may be given by the company can be managed easily.

The software supports the determination and maintenance of the statutory or classic remuneration elements, which can be given to the employees, their extent, and their sending to the payroll accounting.

Some of the benefits the software can manage

  • meal vouchers,
  • corporate loan,
  • further training, trainings,
  • travel and railway card support in addition to the extent specified by the Labour Code, the cost of commuting, tax-free own passenger car
  • sports tickets and passes
  • vehicle maintenance costs
  • favourable computer use,
  • pension insurances, life insurances,
  • representation costs,
  • schooling support

Other features

The extent of the benefits that can be granted to an employee may be a specified amount or percentage.

The program provides support for the full management of the corporate loan, and the process of the disbursement can also be recorded.

The management of the company’s social – welfare fund is provided by area. During a specified period of use, the rate of use and the replenishment can be monitored and verified continuously.

It is possible to transfer the company-level benefit elements recorded in the module to the PIRAMIS™ Non-Personalized benefits module.

The data recorded in the module will be sent to the payroll accounting. The employee benefits are collected in the Monthly Tax and Contribution Return and sent to the Ledger

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