Applications for corporate training


A web-based self-service HR software that helps
employees to apply for the available company training courses.
You can also be notified through this interface
the applicant of the assessment of his/her training request.

The organisation of corporate
training is also simplified

  • workers can easily view the training courses available to them, even from their mobile phones
  • before applying, they can also use the interface to find out whether they have planned any absences, such as holidays, for the training. If so, a warning will be sent.
  • notifications to facilitate the application process between the employee and the supervisor

workers can query

  • what training they have attended and applied for
  • for courses where an examination is compulsory, what is the result of the examination
  • view and edit the employee attendance information related to the training -> attendance sheet
  • which training they attended, which they missed or withdrew from and for what reason

opportunities for trainers

can be recorded by trainers:

who has attended the training they have given,
maintain attendance records

trainers can query the trainers:

what training they have given

opportunities for managers

  • assess the training needs of their employees,
  • if the applicant already has leave scheduled for the training date, the manager will receive a warning message,
  • query the training needs of their employees by setting different filters -> the reports can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet

Benefits of using the software

  • Eliminate paper-based or Excel-based record keeping
  • Efficient process management
  • HR administration can be reduced
  • Elimination of space and time constraints
  • Strengthening the employer brand
  • Notification system

Notification of managers, deputies and employees

of claims and assessments.
Simple, easy to follow, fast solution.