When choosing a payroll software, each professional group formulates its expectations based on its own set of criteria. These professionals are payroll, HR and IT professionals. We have summarised the arguments that may not have been summarised in this way in the pages describing the software components. We are confident that we have been able to find the points for each group that will lead them to choose our PIRAMIS™ Human Expert System and the professionals behind it at the end of a decision process.


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  For decision makers

  For payroll clerks, HR professionals

  Fot IT professionals

  For payroll service providers

For decision makers and leaders

1. They can use the most successful human expert system on the Hungarian human computing market with low product implementation costs.

2. Ensure the operation of the system at low running costs.

3. Receive the year-on-year required compliance enhancements and other product support at a low cost.

4. Save on salary and associated costs through high levels of system process support.

5. Dramatically reduce risks from errors and mistakes, saving time and money.

6. A human expert system supports you in preparing analyses, planning, design options and decisions.

7. The corporate decision making process is accelerated and made more efficient, saving time and money.

8. You can quickly access all the information you need to prepare your decisions.

9. You have access to a secure solution covering all areas of human resources, which you can expand continuously thanks to its modular design.

10. You will have the constant support of a team of experts who will always deliver the optimal solution to your problems.

For payroll clerks and HR professionals

1. You’ll be happy with your daily tasks because you’ll have an easy-to-use, user-friendly program to work with.

2. You can finally build your daily tasks into easy-to-follow workflows.

3. You’ll be able to work with a compliant (built-in MT control), secure, fast system.

4. The situation-sensitive help system that helps you the moment you need it.

5. The system automatically calculates everything, prepares all the required records and data.

6. Drastically reduces the time spent on recording, checking and reporting data.

7. Your superiors will be even more satisfied with your work because you can do it to a much higher standard.

8. Your superiors will be even more satisfied with your work because you can devote significantly more time to the regular or ad-hoc reports you produce for decision-makers.

9. Your superiors will be satisfied with the work you do because you use a system that supports your work effectively, enabling you to complete your tasks on time.

10. You can work with confidence because you will have the ongoing support of our experts, we will always give you the optimum solution to your problems, and you can turn to us with confidence not only for questions about the programme but also for interpretations of the legislation.

For IT professionals

1. You can ensure the operation of the system with low human resources, saving time and costs.

2. Operate a transaction-based secure system that greatly reduces operational risks.

3. Operate a stable system using the latest technologies.

4. Operate an IT system based on one of the most modern and efficient database management systems in the world (ORACLE).

5. Incorporate new technologies (operating system developments, database management systems) as the IT profession develops

6. In a heterogeneous environment and infrastructure, data exchange between the new solution and other IT systems can be easily ensured.

7. You can operate an IT system that provides efficient support for managing version changes and servicing entitlements.

8. Operate an IT system that provides a high level of user activity logging and query management.

9. Operate an IT system that can be easily adapted to meet corporate security requirements.

10. You are supported by a dedicated technical support team.

For payroll service providers

1. You’ll benefit more from your service because you can drastically reduce the cost of running and processing your payroll program.

2. Visibly increase the quality of your service – your customers will be even more satisfied.

3. Your customers’ information needs can be met immediately with PIRAMIS system statements.

4. Dramatically reduce the number of complaints and the time it takes to process them.

5. You can add new services to your service offering, as your payroll program saves you time.

6. Your customers will be more satisfied because you can spend more time with them.

7. You can always deliver your services on time or on budget, with the professionalism and quality you expect.

8. You can reduce the risk factors of your business, as your payroll program has built-in controls such as MT (Labour Code). You can perform your tasks in a law-abiding and safe manner, greatly reducing your business risk exposure.

9. You are upported by a team of experts who always deliver the solution you and your clients expect on time.

10. You are backed by a team of experts with more than 15 years of professional experience in medium, large and multinational corporations.